Above our dimension, there is a group of beings who don't have physical bodies. It is called the Hierarchy of Light, and they are calling them self as the Hierarchy of light. They are the only structure to help and support the earth and human beings for our evolution and progression. They allowed to create many systems through religions of Light and to get help from space brothers and sisters and to stimulate the progression of consciousness of humans. Within this structure, all kind of Light workers from all different traditions are there, and titles are few, all Archangels, angels, masters and Gods of Light,  and many teachers of Light who was/is and was/is not related with any religions groups of Light was/is also within tthis structure. Close to infinite numbers of beings were/are working for only one purpose.  Plan of God - progression of human kind.

The Hierarchy of Light has some functions for the direct contact with the earth.  A part of it  is the Mystery Schools.  At this moment of the earth, we have 7 mystery schools.









All schools have unbroken linage from the beginning of this human history. Learning in Mystery school, the initiation is very important, with the initiation, the initiates receive the appropriate symbols for the work, that is the signature from the Hierarchy of Light, with this symbols we are distinguished from others to access into the key to the authorities. As a fact, many structures are built by the authorities. If you don't have the authorities, you cannot do certain works, the deeper works.  What we are talking about in here....we are talking about the authorities of GOD. Only 7 mystery schools have this authorities for certain things, that is why, receiving initiation through the 7 mystery schools are important. Only initiates from the unbroken linage can perform initiations into the initiates, it make sense right ?

And good news is.... Rocky Mountain Mystery School is the only school open to the public at this moment. Their head quarter is located at the foot of Rocky Mountain, Utah,  they are working as a function as "a bridge in between the physical and the spiritual".   Now some of their services are "Adam Kdamon Activation" and  " Powers To Be" and they are happening in all over the world, which are both the 24 strand DNA activation to order to reach into 20% of whole population to activate whole earth.

Rocky Mountain Mystery School provide the 3 ways of learning.  Their one of focus is teaching

1.  Adept Teacher Guide, as a deeper study of who you are, and what is Universe.  It initiates you into the metaphysical understanding of Life. Also this is for the way of light Workers.  Mystery School in England you needed to study few years before you receive this kind of initiation.  But in RMMS, the Hierarchy of Light decided only  3 steps to reach into tremendous level of power which was impossible before. And now it is possible, because we are running out of time, we cannot afford for spending years for studies!!!!! ( I want you to study but no time!)

Adept Program

The Adept initiation is available through Guides in your area, we have 2 Guides are available in the greater Vancouver area.

Haruko Philippe ( West Vancouver ) 604-922-1203

Brian Warner ( White Rock ) 604-531-0284


Teacher's program is available in Park City, Utah in Aug. first week.

( www.7thmysteryschool.com )

2.  Ritual Master ---  Ritual Masters work as warriors of God.  Learning High Magic to serve to Humanity. Total control of Mind, body and emotion is required.  It is not a easy way but it worth it if you choose this as your mission, success rate is 50%.

On the Ritual Mastery, there are 3 steps to graduate and  more to go, this work is a dedication for the humanity and a work for God.

If you are interested in, you need to present an application to Gudni Gudnason.  ( more info www.7thmysteryschool.com  )

3.  the other Esoteric study.

Now, lectures and workshops are going on in each location. Will of Spirit Light Center is the affiliated Light Center of Rocky Mountain Mystery School, and also of the Hierarchy of Light. Some classes are :

Gift of Spirit ( learning how to channel safely)

Sacred Geometry

Astral Travel

Etheric Study

Other very advanced learning are available in Brigam City, Utah. 4,5times a year, they have very exiting programs going on, if you want to check it out, go to www.7thmysteryschool.com . Some examples are..

Gift of Spirit Intensive ( Advanced Channeling techniques )

Wiccan Initiations and Elemental Magiks

Enochian Magic Training ( ritual masters only )

Egyptian Magic Training ( ritual masters only )


Haruko Philippe


Vancouver, BC  Canada